What’s the best, quickest and safest summer weight loss diet?

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The Body by Vi 90 day Challenge is one of the best, quickest and safest summer weight loss diets there is. Comprising of a delicious Tri-Sorb protein blended Vi-shake designed to replace two of your main daily meals. Not only will the challenge help you lose that unwanted weight quickly, but it is completely safe. By replacing two of your daily main meals with Vi-shake and eating a sensible third main meal, this programme provides a perfect calorie controlled diet designed to shift that unwanted fat and build lean muscle tissue, essential for improving your metabolism and burning more calories.

In the last year alone 1.5 million users are feeling the benefits of being lighter and healthier thanks to the Body by Vi 90 day challenge. The challenge is currently available to individuals wishing to lose weight who reside in the UK, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Ireland, Germany and Austria.

So what kind of results will I see?

Over a 90 day period, the minimum we would expect you to lose if you follow the programme correctly is 10lbs. Many of our clients lose much more than 10lbs, our founder David Vidgen lost 20lbs in his first 90 day challenge.

So what are the costs?

There are currently 4 challenge kits available.

£ 79
1 month supply
The Shape Kit will allow you to replace two main meals per day with Vi-shape
£ 199
1 month supply
The Transformation Kit provides all the features of the Boost Kit, but also include dietary supplements to help boost your metabolism and control your blood glucose.
£ 39
1 month supply
The Balance Kit is for those who have achieved weight loss and want to maintain their success. This kit replaces 1 main meal per day.