Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Research indicates that not only does it help increase your metabolism, but those who eat breakfast are more likely to lose weight. Here we show why Vi-Shape is a great weight loss shake and how it compares to other breakfasts.

As you can see from the illustration Vi-Shape scores considerably well and provides a low calorie, low sodium, low sugar, high protein and high fibre supplement. Overall it is far superior than a McDonalds or Starbucks breakfast.

“With the world now adopting a coffee culture, we are consuming a greater number of ’empty calories’ that are posing a serious health risk.” explained David Vidgen, CEO of “Many individuals believe that because it’s ‘just coffee’ it contains few calories, when in fact it contains many. And if you consume a Starbucks on top of your normal breakfast, it really is adding hundreds more calories into the mix. The world is a car crash waiting to happen when it comes to obesity and the associated health conditions that follow. In the UK, obesity is going to bankrupt the NHS because 1:4 adults are now obese.”

Vi-Shape has specifically been formulated to help individuals control their calorie intake. It’s not just for those looking to lose weight, but equally it’s important for those that want to maintain their current weight in the safe knowledge that what they are ingesting is really good for you. Vi-shape is incredibly quick and easy to make. You can either use a shaker or blender and takes around 1 minute to make. Perfect for our busy lifestyles and recommended for 99.9% of the population.