The Body by Vi Challenge is going to be the fastest growing health movement that the UK has ever seen. It’s set to tackle the UK’s obesity problem and it’s going to be done with no traditional advertising whatsoever, just the power of social media and viral marketing. Growth will be achieved via the use of cash bonuses and other rewards for simply promoting the Challenge! It’s the second largest weight loss programme in America, with over 150,000 signing up to the challenge each month.

So here’s where you come in…

We all know in business that those individuals who are in at the start reap the most rewards and this programme is no different. If you become a promoter of the challenge now, as the challenge grows and more and more people want to be promoters and users, so will your rewards. Here is a simple diagram explaining the rewards:



As a member of my promotional team, the earning potential does not stop with the above. There is significant amounts of commission (10-20%) to be earn’t through product sales. I will build each one of my promoters their own website, which will be geared towards gaining additional promoters for yourself and selling the product directly to consumers. The website will be similar to this one, but tailored to your local area.