Recently quit smoking? Worried about weight gain?

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The Body by Vi 90 day Challenge is perfect for individuals who are about or in the process of quitting smoking. In may cases the adverse affect of quitting smoking is weight gain, primarily because individuals substitute a cigarette for food. Joining the challenge will provide you with a calorie controlled diet, thus ensuring no additional weight is gained, in fact in most cases you will encounter a weight loss.

The Body by Vi is a simple 90 day challenge in which the aim is to lose between 10 and 25 lbs. In your case, the challenge is to quit smoking, prevent weight gain and perhaps lose a little weight along the way.

We recommend the Shape Kit as this will provide you greatest calorie control each day allowing two meals per day to be replaced. Sign up today.

David Vidgen - Body by Vi David Vidgen

David Vidgen is a 'Health & Fitness' professional helping clients lose weight and feel great. Promoter of the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, Join the Challenge. Google+ Why have I chosen to be part of the 90 Day Challenge? In April 2013 my father suffered a heart attack, primarily caused by poor nutrition and coronary artery disease. Thankfully he has made an excellent recovery, but it scared the life out of me. As my lifestyle has changed and i've matured, my nutrition has lapsed and consequently my weight increased. So I decided it was time to change, and to encourage others to do the same. My Challenge I lost 20 lbs and reached my target weight in just 6 weeks thanks to the Body by Vi. What's more I have been in maintenance mode for just as long, and my weight is staying off. I achieved my goal by simply consuming two shakes per day - one in the morning and one in the evening, I ate a regular meal at lunchtime with some small snacks in between meals such as fruit. Like many, I was sceptical at first, but I can honestly say that physically I feel better than ever.

£ 79
1 month supply
The Shape Kit will allow you to replace two main meals per day with Vi-shape
£ 199
1 month supply
The Transformation Kit provides all the features of the Boost Kit, but also include dietary supplements to help boost your metabolism and control your blood glucose.
£ 39
1 month supply
The Balance Kit is for those who have achieved weight loss and want to maintain their success. This kit replaces 1 main meal per day.