Vi UK Ltd are a multi-level marketing (MLM) company who have just launched the fastest growing 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge in the World to the UK market. Rather than spend £Millions on traditional advertising, they reward promoters and challenge users for growing the business through referrals and social media.

We are actively looking for Body by Vi promoters to join our expanding and experienced team of Health, MLM and Sales and Marketing professionals. As a promoter you can join the team with very little risk or financial outlay, you can work from home. Instead of working for a traditional brick and mortar business, and making your boss rich, all the hard work you put in will benefit you – that’s the beauty of MLM.

Financial Incentives

As a multi-level marketing promoter of the Body by Vi there are excellent financial incentives and bonuses, particularly if you can grow your own network with speed and precision. You not only earn 10-25% commission on direct product sales, but you also earn 5% commission via sales from any promoters you have within your own team. There are also some amazing 20-40% bonuses for enrolling new promoters, plus a generous 1% share of the total Vi turnover.

With Multi-Level Marketing MLM there is no salary financial cap, so the harder you work and the bigger team you build around you, the greater the financial rewards and the more commission you can earn.

Click here for full details of incentives and become a Body by Vi Promoter


The weight loss and diet market is worth £1bn in the UK. So needless to say as a multi-level marketing person the potential to earn a significant income could be within your grasp if you put in the hard work and build a solid network.

Why Multi-Level Marketing?

  • Uncapped earnings – so the harder you work the more you earn
  • Excellent commission and fast start bonuses
  • Low Risk with little financial outlay
  • Work from home and hours to suit
  • Grow your business at your own speed
  • No experience or qualifications necessary


If you are seriously interested in becoming a Body by Vi Promoter in the UK, please call David on 07583 508836