If I burn 3500 kcals will I lose 1lb of weight?

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If I burn 3500 kcals will I lose 1lb of weight? The answer to this question is incredibly complex and cannot be defined with a simple yes or no, here’s why.

Back in 1958, Max Wishnofshy established that the caloric equivalent of 1 lb of body weight as a rule of thumb was approx 3500 cals. However, if the protein and glycogen stores have been depleted as a result of fasting or dieting, their replenishment will be associated with a concomitant deposition of large quantities of water. During this time the caloric equivalent of 1lb of body weight will be markedly less than 3500 cals. The amount of weight lost will also depend on carb depletion and the impacts of water weight. So, the answer to the question cannot be defined as a simple yes or no answer.

What is known, in order to maximise weight loss, protein intake must be kept high to ensure that the weight loss comes from fat catabolism. This is why Vi -Shape protein and weight loss shakes yield excellent weight loss results.

Your body weight and caloric consumption are in a constant state of flux, that is why you simply cannot compare one person’s weight loss to another. Two people following the exact same diet will experience two different results. The full article is a complex read, but in summary it highlights the dynamic nature of weightloss and firmly illustrates that weight loss is incredibly complex from one person to another.

We hear stories every day where individuals have lost large amounts of weight in a short space of time. The article explains that this is due to negative nitrogen balances which causes a considerable loss in water. This however, is just a temporary loss and has no permanency.

The idea that 3500 kcals is equivalent to 1 lb of fat is merely a simple guide for those that need to have some understanding of calories and weight loss.

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