Courses to help build your Body by Vi business

The Body by Vi is a great multi-level marketing opportunity for anyone wishing to earn anything from a a few hundred pounds to a six figure annual income. Like all MLM opportunities, if you are to exceed you will need to continue to expand your network of promoters and customers, way beyond your mobile contact list. Your mobile contact list is just your starting point, but soon this list will run dry and your income will peak and then begin to dwindle.

All the best network marketers strive to develop relationships and continue to grow their business. The key is to know how to do this, and do this well.

How would you like to learn to build your Body by Vi business and find hundreds if not thousands of potential new promoters and customers? Find individuals like you, who want to earn good money. Anyone from specialist and experienced MLM promoters, fitness professionals, dieticians, to absolute newbees who just want to ease their financial worries.

  • Imagine being able to find people on specialist websites in the UK, Canada or USA those interested or working in Multi-Level Marketing in an instance?
  • Perhaps you want to find stay at home mum’s who engage in social media and are interested in earning extra cash?
  • Or how about an endless pool of fitness and weight loss trainers who could easily bolt on Body by Vi to their portfolio? 

In fact using our specialist marketing skills, we can help you find tens of thousands of leads on any Body by Vi related subject, who have websites, individuals on any social media platform and in any geographical location. The above is merely the tip of the iceberg and presents a small number of people who would be good to contact and pitch the Body by Vi to. We can help you find nutritionists, personal trainers, weight loss counsellors, dieticians, you name it, we can show you how to find them, and how to pitch to them. Our specialist marketing skills work across all industries, not just the Body by Vi.

We we can show you how to find these people and we will teach you the best way to approach them with a tailored Body by Vi message to suit their particular needs. 

In fact, we will show you how to find so many leads, the hardest part will be finding enough time to contact them. As with all lead generation, there will be people who are not interested, the key is to separate individuals into categories because the more relevant your message, the higher the conversation rate will be. In some cases you will need to rely on email, so automation will be required because of the sheer number of leads you will be trying to reach out to, (you simply couldn’t call 10,000 leads). For example: Personal trainers will require a different approach with a different message to say experienced MLM’s. Personal trainers are more likely to be interested in how the product will help their clients achieve their goals, but at the same time increase their turnover per head without having to put more hours in. Whereas, an experienced MLM will want to know just how much they can earn and perhaps the importance of being onboard early – because they already know how MLM works and they may already have the networks, they just want to know the cold hard £££s.

We’ll teach you how to use reciprocation in your messages. A technique that really helps to warm the relationship and genuine interest in achieving a common goal. Whether that be to tackle obesity, earn extra money, or simply provide an alternative weight loss solution. This technique will really improve your conversion rate.