This website design has been built by David Vidgen a internet marketing expert and search and inbound marketing agency Birmingham. David describes himself as a ‘Search’ professional, providing health, fitness and beauty website design services that are highly visible in search engines. This is done by first creating good online user focused content, then utilising social media and websites to drive high quality and relevant traffic. The ultimate aim is to bring new visitors, leads and customers via the website that would never have otherwise have used our services.

David Vidgen had extensive experience in the building industry and the health and fitness market, having managed health clubs and been a sales and marketing manager; but now specialises in website designs in Birmingham for small businesses, particularly in the health and beauty industries. We knew that with a new product to the UK market, time was of the essence. We needed to ensure that we were the first UK internet site with unique content relating to the Body by Vi, especially because the product was being sold through multi-level marketing channels and social media. We wanted to make sure that was the number one promoter of the Body by Vi, and the most accessible and informative website in the organic search listing relating to the challenge.

We therefore awarded David Vidgen Ltd the project to build us a new search friendly website website and to conduct an inbound marketing campaign. This included all the necessary market and keyword research, web development including covering all the on-page search factors, and off-page search factors through PR and content syndication. This Birmingham website design was built with the use of WordPress. Although WordPress is a world class CMS platform, if used in the ‘out of the box’ format there can be issues with duplicate content. We made sure that this was eliminated through the use of no-index where necessary. In addition to this, we also made sure that the structured markup of the site was acceptable and in line with Google’s structured markup requirements and the security was hardened with the appropriate security plugins.

Today, we continue to use David Vidgen to move the website forward with innovative and easily accessible content. We also continue to syndicate the content, ensuring that our market position is maintained and we eliminate any potential threat to our market share caused by a shift in rankings.

According to the latest Google Webmaster Tools, this website has over 570 keyphrases ranking on page 1 of Google, reaching out to a monthly audience of 27,000 impressions. Since it’s launch in April 2013 this website has received over 119,579 visitors, which in turn has brought a substantial amount of leads and customers to our door.

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