Having already helped millions of people lose millions of pounds, the Body by Vi is so confident that in 2013, the NEW Body by Vi Challenge is offering a 90-Day Money-Back Results Guarantee.


  • Purchases a Challenge Kit and uses products as directed for 90 days
  • “Go Public” with your Challenge goal at challenge.com
  • If you are not satisfied with your Challenge results after completing the above 2 steps, call at 00800 2639 2984 (BodyByVi) within 10 days of completing your Challenge

Programme Rules: Available to new Customers & Promoters who enrolled after 1 January 2013. Must complete 90 Days, otherwise standard refund policy applies.

Limited to an individual’s first 90 days of Challenge Kit orders. Maximum refund of three (3) Auto-Shipped Challenge Kits per person. Refund applies to Challenge Kits only and cannot be applied to additional product purchases. Excludes postage and packing. Billing name and address must match Customer/Promoter shipping name and address.

Verification may be required. Requests must be submitted via phone within 10 days from the end of the 90-Day Challenge. If a Promoter exercises the guarantee, they will forfeit their Promotership. Please call 00800 2639 2984 (BodyByVi) if you would like to request your refund.

David Vidgen - Body by Vi David Vidgen

David Vidgen is a 'Health & Fitness' professional helping clients lose weight and feel great. Promoter of the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, Join the Challenge. Google+ Why have I chosen to be part of the 90 Day Challenge? In April 2013 my father suffered a heart attack, primarily caused by poor nutrition and coronary artery disease. Thankfully he has made an excellent recovery, but it scared the life out of me. As my lifestyle has changed and i've matured, my nutrition has lapsed and consequently my weight increased. So I decided it was time to change, and to encourage others to do the same. My Challenge I lost 20 lbs and reached my target weight in just 6 weeks thanks to the Body by Vi. What's more I have been in maintenance mode for just as long, and my weight is staying off. I achieved my goal by simply consuming two shakes per day - one in the morning and one in the evening, I ate a regular meal at lunchtime with some small snacks in between meals such as fruit. Like many, I was sceptical at first, but I can honestly say that physically I feel better than ever.