Body by Vi Birmingham – Official UK Launch

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Body by Vi Birmingham – The Official UK launch of the Body by Vi is being held at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham on 7-8 Feb 2014. Now is the time to become a BBV promoter and take full advantage those looking to lose weight, earn extra cash and change people’s lives forever.

With more than 64% of adults in the UK now classed as overweight and 1 billion people in the developed world obese, this is a tremendous opportunity to become a part of history and change people’s lives by helping them enrol on the Body by Vi 90-day challenge and saying goodbye to that unwanted weight. If they want to earn extra income or go at it full time, there is some fabulous compensation and bonuses to be had as a promoter. If they enrol 3 people on the challenge on the same or higher value challenge kit as themselves, then they qualify to get next months for free with the Body by Vi – 3 for FREE offer.

“The great thing about the 90-day challenge is that it is so easy to follow”, explains David Vidgen. “I lost my unwanted 20 lbs in  90 days, simply by replacing one or two of my main meals a day with Vi-Shape weight loss shakes. The Vi-Shape is great because it allowed me to still enjoy a main meal each day, they satisfied and curbed hunger and they prevented sugar cravings. Each shake takes no more than a minute to make (I preferred to use a blender because it made them thick and creamy), so they are incredibly quick and convenient. I, like most people, like to enjoy a takeaway, and by controlling my calorie intake for two of the three meals each day, this allowed me to still enjoy such luxuries once or twice per week and still lose weight. I drank plenty of water at set times, and if I felt hungry between meals, I would eat a chocolate chip Nutra-Cookie, a piece of toast or fruit.”

What’s different between the Vi-shape slimming shakes and other branded shakes is that they taste great and they only have 1g of sugar. So often weight loss shakes taste really bad and are just full of sugar, Vi-Shape is just full of goodness including 23 vitamins and minerals. Each serving with 250ml of semi skimmed milk contains just 233 kcals, meaning they are incredibly low calorie and ideal for diabetics, yet they still allow you still to graze between meals on snacks and fruit etc. They are also high in protein, which is essential if long-term weight loss is to be achieved rather than just water loss. You can read more about weight loss and protein here.

Want to start earning money now and lose weight? You can join the challenge here. Individuals wishing to become a promoter, if you click here and then change ‘Customer’ to ‘Promoter’ where it states ENROLLING AS A: – this will reload the page with the necessary promoter kits. Please note all promoters are required to commence on the basic promoter kit costing just £39.00. You can then upgrade to the executive promoter system on day to unlock more bonuses and commission.

If you have any questions about the 90 day challenge, please see our FAQ’s section.  If you have any questions about becoming a promoter or you want to gain a better understanding of the compensation plan, please see our Body by Vi Promoter section.

£ 79
1 month supply
The Shape Kit will allow you to replace two main meals per day with Vi-shape
£ 199
1 month supply
The Transformation Kit provides all the features of the Boost Kit, but also include dietary supplements to help boost your metabolism and control your blood glucose.
£ 39
1 month supply
The Balance Kit is for those who have achieved weight loss and want to maintain their success. This kit replaces 1 main meal per day.