Best New Year Diet is Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

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We at believe that the best New Year diet is the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. The challenge involves replacing two of your main meals each day with Vi-Shape, a calorie controlled meal replacement shake specifically designed to provide you all the nutrition you need in a simple ‘meal in a drink’.

Vi-Shape has specifically been formulated to curb hunger and make you feel full, yet contain under 300 calories per serving when consumed with Semi Skimmed milk. A meal in just 60 seconds, so is absolutely perfect for 99% of individuals who want to lose weight and achieve a healthy body weight. Here are some of the major benefits of using Vi-Shape in comparison to other New Year diets:

  • No counting calories or having to look at food labels that you don’t understand
  • No counting points of other simulated methods of controlling what you each
  • Is cheaper than other diets. At £79 or $99 to replace two meals per day for a month, it’s certainly affordable for the vast number of people
  • It doesn’t require you to eat set meals on set days
  • You can still eat one main meal of your choice
  • It’s low in sugar and suitable for Diabetics unlike most other branded meal replacement shakes on the market

Over 1.5 million people last year lost weight on the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, so we at certainly believe it the best New Year diet on the market.

In Sept 2014, the American Medical Association reported that all diets work in the short term, but those that are simplest and least challenging are more likely to bring long term results. That’s precisely why the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge works. It’s quick and takes less than 60 seconds to mix, affordable, and contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Where could you source a healthy meal for just over £1.50 /$2 per meal? It’s cheaper than the cost of a coffee! With rising food bills and shrinking salaries, there is no better New Year diet than the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge.

What’s more, challenge 3 or more of your friends and you will get your monthly challenge kit free. You simply pay the shipping costs! Providing you have 3 friends or family on the same or greater value challenge kit each month, you will continue to receive your challenge kit for free (excluding shipping costs).

We challenge you to lose weight, 10lbs at a time…

£ 79
1 month supply
The Shape Kit will allow you to replace two main meals per day with Vi-shape
£ 199
1 month supply
The Transformation Kit provides all the features of the Boost Kit, but also include dietary supplements to help boost your metabolism and control your blood glucose.
£ 39
1 month supply
The Balance Kit is for those who have achieved weight loss and want to maintain their success. This kit replaces 1 main meal per day.