So you are thinking about becoming a Body by Vi Promoter selling the worlds most advanced meal replacement shakes and slimming shakes. Well you have come to the right place.

So lets cut to the chase.

Becoming a Body by Vi promoter with will provide you with an abundance of tools and rescources not available to any other promoter. What’s more, imagine having so many leads, there are not enough hours in the day to contact them all. More on this below…

Visalus is a great company and the promoter tools are excellent. Vi very kindly provide promoters with various websites i.e., however all of them are invisible on search engines such as Google, this is because every website is identical and Google does not index duplicate content. So the only traffic that you’ll get to your website will be those you send there through traditional marketing. As a promoter with, we will provide you with your very own bespoke website, that will be designed to attract visitors, leads and new customer/promoters through the power of search engines.

The best Multi Level Marketers constantly build their network of promoters and customers. Your mobile phone contact list is the starting point, but if you are going to earn a good and long lasting income, then you will need a constant supply of leads. Your bespoke website will do exactly this for you, along with the advanced search methods we will teach you to find a rich supply of interested individuals.

So what tools and resources do you provide me as a Body by Vi Promoter with advancedfitness?

On day 8 when you have upgraded to the Executive Promoter or Star Systems we will provide you:

  • A bespoke search engine friendly website linked to your promoter ID (worth £630) – This means you will get an abundance of customers from all countries where Vi has launched – a lot more than just your mobile contact list. We will work together to build it, target specific weight loss phrases, add content etc. You will not be left to your own devices.
  • Any professional artwork for any print material you require i.e. business cards, flyers etc.
  • And lastly, and here’s the real nitty gritty of our offer and what makes us stand out from any other promoter. We will teach you how to find thousands of potential new promoters and customers. Because has a team of specialist internet marketers, we know how to find individuals like you, who want to earn good money. Anyone from specialist and experienced MLM promoters, fitness professionals, dieticians, to anyone with financial troubles. Imagine being able to find on any social media platform or website all personal trainers, fitness experts, or just about any other person who would benefits from adding Body by Vi to their portfolio. Or what about stay at home mum’s, looking to earn a few extra £’s? Or even better, how about individuals seeking financial advice due to debt. We will teach you how to source this income and guide you through a communications channel.
  • In fact, we will show you how to find so many leads, the hardest part will be finding enough time to contact them. As with all lead generation, there will be people who are not interested, the key is to separate individuals into categories because the more relevant your message, the higher the conversation rate will be. In some cases you will need to rely on email, so automation will be required because of the sheer number of leads you will be trying to reach out to, (you simply couldn’t call 10,000 leads). For example: Personal trainers will require a different approach with a different message to say experienced MLM’s. Personal trainers are more likely to be interested in how the product will help their clients achieve their goals, but at the same time increase their turnover per head without having to put more hours in. Whereas, an experienced MLM will want to know just how much they can earn and perhaps the importance of being onboard early – because they already know how MLM works and they may already have the networks, they just want to know the cold hard £££s
  • We’ll teach you how to use reciprocation in your messages. A technique that really helps to warm the relationship and genuine interest in achieving a common goal. Whether that be to tackle obesity, earn extra money, or simply provide an alternative weight loss solution. This technique will really improve your conversion rate.

So be smart, become a Body by Vi promoter with and sell more challenge kits and sign more promoters up than you can ever imagine. Become a Body by Vi promoter for just £39.00Sign up here (and change customer to promoter in the top right-hand corner). When you  upgrade to the Executive or Star Promoter kits on day 8, you will trigger all the benefits of being a promoter with

What is the standard commission structure and what bonuses can I get as a Body by Vi Promoter?

As a multi-level marketing promoter with the Body by Vi you automatically qualify is the immediate potential for you to earn:

  • 10-25% commission on personal challenge kit and product sales, the more you sell the more you earn
  • 5% commission on all sales from your promotional team
  • 20-40% New Business Bonuses in your first 30 days
  • £150 every month for maintaining Director level or above
  • Earn a £375 per month cash payment towards financing a BMW when you successfully enrol 12 new promoters to your team
  • 3 for FREE on your own challenge kit
  • Large bonus cheques up to the value of £150,000

Download the full Vi Incentives Plan for the UK – Acrobat PDF 6.7mb

Download the full Vi Promoter Challenge Kit and Promoter Kit Factsheet – Acrobat PDF 1.9mb