Advice regarding calories

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The body requires a certain amount of calories (kcals) for normal bodily functions, this is 1200 kcals per day for females and 1500 kcals for men. If you consume less, then you are putting your health at risk.

When consuming Vi-shakes, particularly if you are on the Shape or Boost kit ingesting two shakes per day, it is very important to eat a substantial meal containing between 700-800 kcals (women) and (1100 kcals for men). This is because each Vi-shake along with 250ml of semi skimmed milk contains just 233 kcals.

The substantial meal should be balanced and if possible consumed at lunchtime. The primary reason for this, we are most active during the day, so we need the bulk of our energy which we get from food at this time. Plus, having a Vi-shake for breakfast and then again for lunch, this will probably lead to hunger.

The alternative to one substantial meal is to eat two or three smaller meals/snacks. Grazing, as it is commonly known is good because you never really develop hunger, and everyone knows that when we are hungry, that’s when we tend to overeat! Never go shopping when you are hungry, and never pop to the petrol station, because those chocolate bars next to the counter will lead to temptation.

Chocolate, sweets etc while may be delicious, they are simply empty calories. You are far better off eating an apple, banana or other fruit type than consuming chocolate.

Another tip. If you are due to dine out in the evening, one of the main problems is severe hunger by the time you get to eat in the evening. This is caused by the time gap between lunch and when you finally eat in the evening (say 8pm). If you know you are eating out in the evening, delay your breakfast and lunch by a couple of hours. This will help you to avoid long periods between meals, plus it may also mean you don’t spend as much.

Lastly, try if you can to drink a 1-2 litres of water per day.

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