Obesity and overweight are a major problem in the western world. Like many families, I know all to well what poor nutrition can cause. In April 2013, my father suffered a heart attack caused by poor nutrition and coronary artery disease. This was a huge shock, and a big wake up call to me personally. As I have matured and my lifestyle has become more hectic, my nutrition has deteriorated, and my weight has gradually increased by about 20lbs. So I decided enough was enough, I could no longer hide my head in the sand.

My Challenge

I achieved my target weight loss in just 6 weeks, losing a total of 20 lbs thanks to the Body by Vi.

More reasons we back Body by Vi

We have aligned ourselves with the Body by Vi 90 day challenge because it is set to be the biggest health movement the world has ever seen, with the aim of reducing the critical obesity levels.

AdvancedFitness.org is owned by David Vidgen. David has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, he is an expert in physical fitness and weight loss. David studied as an ACSM health and fitness specialist and has worked as a personal trainer and health club manager.

David also successfully competed as an international athlete in the Decathlon.

“The obesity problem in the western world is fueled by our sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise and office-bound working. Our lifestyles are time hungry, and this is unlikely to alter in the foreseeable future. This is where the 90 day challenge comes in. Anybody who leads a busy, but sedentary lifestyle will need to control their calorie intake because of the lack of physical activity. The Vi-Shape Shakes are absolutely perfect for this.” David explained.

The challenge involves taking meal replacement shakes and dietary supplements. Unlike other programmes, exercise is not a requirement, but if it can be undertaken it will only help towards goal achievement. The two shakes that are to be consumed each day equate to approx £1.51 each – that’s just £3.02 per day (plus milk). So not only will you lose weight, but it is also likely to save you money on your food shopping each week.

But it doesn’t stop there… Individuals whom then utilise the 3 for FREE offer, will then receive their products completely free every month, providing they always have 3 monthly subscribers of equal or greater value of their own challenge kit.”

David Vidgen - Body by Vi David Vidgen

David Vidgen is a 'Health & Fitness' professional helping clients lose weight and feel great. Promoter of the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, Join the Challenge. Google+ Why have I chosen to be part of the 90 Day Challenge? In April 2013 my father suffered a heart attack, primarily caused by poor nutrition and coronary artery disease. Thankfully he has made an excellent recovery, but it scared the life out of me. As my lifestyle has changed and i've matured, my nutrition has lapsed and consequently my weight increased. So I decided it was time to change, and to encourage others to do the same. My Challenge I lost 20 lbs and reached my target weight in just 6 weeks thanks to the Body by Vi. What's more I have been in maintenance mode for just as long, and my weight is staying off. I achieved my goal by simply consuming two shakes per day - one in the morning and one in the evening, I ate a regular meal at lunchtime with some small snacks in between meals such as fruit. Like many, I was sceptical at first, but I can honestly say that physically I feel better than ever.