16 good habits to help transform your weight loss

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Losing weight is 80% motivation and 20% food. Staying motivated and focused is far more difficult than choosing the right foods to eat, this is because we are creatures of habit, and unless we break them, we will continue to behave in the same manner. They estimate that a habit takes 30 days to break. So by the end of your first month on the Body by Vi and consuming Vi-Shape, things will get a lot easier. We’ve put together 16 habits that when broken, will help transform your weight loss.

  1. Never go food shopping on a hungry stomach. This will lead to impulsive purchases and in most cases feature foods such as chocolate, biscuits and crisps.
  2. When it comes to food shopping always make a list before you go. This helps you to avoid unnecessary food aisles and counters.
  3. Write down all the different healthy foods that you like. Fruit, snacks, main meals. You’ll be surprised just how many different healthy foods you like and you can add to your weekly shopping list.
  4. Keep fruit in the car. This helps you avoid impulsive purchases at petrol stations.
  5. Serve your food on smaller plates. This helps you control portion sizes.
  6. Drink plenty of water. Check out the best times to drink water for weight loss.
  7. If you are planning to eat an evening meal out, consume a light snack 2 hours before you depart. This enables you to still enjoy your planned meal, but it helps you eat less and avoid over indulging.
  8. Learn to take personal responsibility and say ‘No’. Just because someone offers you a biscuit with a cup of tea or coffee does ‘NOT’ mean you have to accept. Nor does it mean, that if your partner or a friend has dessert, you have to follow suit. Just simply say ‘No thank you’.
  9. Always eat breakfast period…
  10. Write down everything you hate about being overweight and post the list around your house so you have a constant reminder. This helps you to stay focused and be mindful of why you are losing weight.
  11. Write down your goals and add them to your smartphone as daily reminders. The first 10lbs is often the hardest to lose, so this is a great place to start. We challenge you to lose your first 10lbs. Take the challenge today.
  12. When you have achieved your first 10lbs weight loss. Reward yourself (but not with food).
  13. Always take the stairs and avoid lifts and elevators where possible. The burning sensation you feel in your legs when climbing stairs is actually good for you 🙂
  14. Chew your food and eat slower. It takes approx 20 minutes for your stomach to send signals back to your brain that you are full so its very important that you take your time and don’t rush your food. It could be that you are consuming a lot of food that don’t actually need. You can read more about why eating slowly may help you feel fuller.
  15. Avoid stepping on the scales daily. Your body weight is influenced on a daily basis by what you eat and drink. For example, if you drink a pint of water and step on the scales, you’ll be 1lb temporary heavier.  As much as you want to lose weight and quickly, stepping frequently on the scales causes more harm than good. There are plenty of other signs to look out for that will tell you of are losing weight. The most obvious is when your clothes start to feel looser or you can tighten your belt on the next notch. Our advice is to weigh yourself every two weeks. Learn how to weigh yourself accurately.
  16. Eat less, but more often.
  17. Get yourself tested for Allergens. ELISA Testing Kits for allergens are a very useful way to determine if you are allergic to foods that may hinder your weight loss programme.
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